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Best Exhaust

Quote:Originally posted by Aramis:
atr's exaust sounds great and looks good, awesome performance increase. However, Mine was a horrible fit from ATR, the damn thing would bang the gas tank and the frame of the car. It still does around corners. My dads system is like this as well. We got our systems a 4 years ago, they surely have corrected this problem by now, haven't they?

I got my ATR dual system about 1 1/2 years ago, and the fit was good. Only dumb thing was the mounting system to hang the tail pipes. I just fabbed up my own tail pipe hangers, which was much easier than trying to get the ATR suggested method to work.

Jeff Korn

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I've been home for christmas break working on my blue mist. I tell ya, my lincoln locker doesn't work too hot on ice. I haven't any weight over the axle either so 400lbs of sand were installed. Still not enough but an open cab and 6 inches of snow keeps me busy. Seriously though, you're going to have to sacrifice your ear drums if you really want that little bit extra horsepower. If you have the exhaust turned down at the exit it'll help somewhat. Sometimes a resonator on the end helps change the tone a little which can kinda make it quieter. If you do go with the flomasters, run 2 and use 3" for both. Borla's a little bit too expensive for me, and the power gains that come with an additional $130 are the same power gains you get with a straight pipe and some noise.

I have the borla system on my car its been on there for 6 or 7 years its very quite and it still looks new.
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Part of what you`re paying for w/a Borla is that it is a dyno developed design.Don`t know if ATR can make the same claim.(maybe) Dave @ Tiny Avenger told me once that my set-up is good for 22-25hp over the oem system on the`86 SVO & it`s lighter too.(No he wasn`t selling me one as I had bought it yrs before T/A was around.)If ATR got their act together in workmanship then it`s been long overdue.Borla`s has ALWAYS been as good as it gets.You get what you pay for.Any dissatisfied Borla owners out there,speak up.

I have the 3" dp and dual 2 1/2" ATR system on my turbo coupe. It sounds and looks good. People always ask me what kinda of engine I have in my car. I have to agree with Jeff K on the tail pipe mounting. I also just fabbed up my own mounts. But then again, I've never seen an exhaust system that fit perfect the way it was shipped from the company.

Yeah, now that you mention it, I fabricated some mounts for my ATR 2.5" system too. My complaint was that the only mounts are on the engine and the very back, the middle was sagging, even without a cat!

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Just put on ATR dual stainless exhaust with a MAC 3" downpipe!! My first performance mod!!

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I loved the sound of my TC with striaght pipes and 3" chrome tips ala mustang LX. was real quiet except at 4000+ rpm. I think the only problem was that it was 2.25" pipe and kink bent. still beats the stock 84 tc exhaust though. it was real cool when I have the IAC leak and the surge was perfect to make it sounds like a big block. but it was dead quiet. much quieter then a 5.0 with any aftermarket exhaust. IF I was keepin the merkur I would do the same to it. My fairlane will prob get the same treatment also if I do the 2.3L swap.

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flowmaster work on the principle of canceling out exhuast gas pulses on each other - problem is... after the turbo there ARE NO PULSES.

their design was never intended to be used on turbo applications when they were built because no one used turbos - but now mustang guys all like turbos but are still brainwashed by flowmaster... You are seeing less and less flowmaster systems though - alot of people are going to other companies.

Right now I have a Dynomax Superturbo 3" ALL THE WAY THROUGH (there is a model that necks down) and I like it alot. When I build my next exhaust system I will use a Dynomax Ultraflow though because it has a straight through design rather than a triple pass design.

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Ok, I've been told by several people (import and domestic turbo folks) that my performance will improve if I ditch my flowmasters. So I'm gonna do it this summer. Now to my question, I have duals and do not want to go to a single. I've seen some V8 mustangs running 3" duals and like the looks. Now would 3" duals hurt my performance or is 2 1/2" the best?

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i purchased the 3 inch dual tailpipes for my TC from Asphalt Jungle.. great price for what they are love the fit on the pipes... the fit on the car was kinda PITA because the pipes arent made for it.( tips like about 1.5 inches making it to the bottom edge of the rear cover).

ive noticed a slight increase in performance but im still running a stock downpipe, gutted cat, and stock Y pipe. Once i get my Holset on im going with a 3.5 inch Downpipe cat and y pipe.

i spent 275 bucks on the tailpipes and 70 bucks on the mufflers... to me this is the most nice, quiet, and best looking exhaust ive had on a car.

John Bewley
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