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Best way to Thuroughly Clean an Oiled up IC ??

You can always take it to the radiator shop and have them boil it out in the hot tank.

I use galoline as a parts cleaner also, using precautions of course.

I would not use diesel, or kerosene as they are oils, and leave an oil residue.

If it were mine, I would do an initial wash with gasoling, follow that with paint thinner, or alcohol. Then let it air dry.
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I've heard of the cleaning with gasoline idea before, and I'm still not a fan of it. Gasoline lets off vapors (the only parts that's flammable as you know) and -50 degrees, or some in that general area. That means, unless you are on the moon, one spark could kill you very quick. The volatility of diesel or kerosene is much lower. I saw a demonstration (with firemen, of course) with a entire drum full of diesel fuel, and they put a road flare in it, and could not get it to light, and those are hot enough to melt steel. In they're own words, "If this were gasoline, we'd all be dead right now"
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I know gasoline works great for a parts cleaner. However after working in an oil refinery for 10 years there is absolutly no way I would allow myself or anyone I care about to wash any part of their body with gasoline!!!!! There are just to many nasty compounds in it. THINK SAFETY!!!!! Use solvent resistant gloves, eye protection.......with what ever cleaning solvent you choose.

Yeah, you gotta watch out for those gas fumes. Old man down the street from me used to use gas to get his burn barrel started. One day, the wind blew the fumes toward him, and he became human BBQ. Neighbors found him about a week later...

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Find A product called "Oil Eater". I've used it to clean some incredibly nasty stuff. It works great. You should be able to find it at Wal-mart or your local Schucks/Checkers/Kragen Auot parts store. Best of all it's biodegradeable. [Image: biggrin.gif] Citrus based solvents work prety well too.
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