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better brakes

I am taking the rear out of my 88tc and putting it in my 89mustang and the motor. I want to also improve the brakes but i do not want to use the disk brakes off the tc because i dont want to bother with a adjustable porporshing valve. what brakes can i use i want to up grade front and back what car should i look for in junk yard i have not seen a 5.0 mustang in any of my local junk yards so what other cars would be good
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putting the valve in is not that big of a deal. It is a very easy swap plus u already have most of the parts.
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5.0s? Brake upgrades?!?!

BwAAHAHAHA... ahem... pardon me.



The adj prop valve is easy. There is a butt connector in the rear line upper passenger side of the firewall. No need to flare lines or anything.
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I'm confused, you are putting in a TC rear but don't want the disc brakes? What do you think you're going to put in there? The TC rear brakes are about the best thing you can get aside from a big bucks Cobra brake kit from Ford, if you can get it to fit.

My tip is to redo all the pins in the calipers, you will thank me later when you don't have to put new rotors on.
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