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Bo-Ported Gnari Manifold - Kinda New.....just better......

I am selling my been-installed-on-the-engine-but-never-run Bo-Ported Gnari manifold that has had its external surface smoothed/deburred and has been ceramic coated. The intention with smoothing the exterior of the manifold was to help extended the life of the ceramic coating. I would totally be running this manifold on my car if I had not been presented with several upgrade options after purchasing it. 

As stated, this manifold has never been run on the car, just installed on the engine for the fabricator. There is a small spot on the face of the header where the ceramic coating was hit and a fleck is missing. I am not sure if this will have an adverse effect on the longevity of the coating, but wanted to state nonetheless for full disclosure.

To sum up what I am including with this sale:
  • Bo-Ported Gnari Header with black ceramic coating that flows @ 144 CFM after porting.

  • 2 bolt to 38mm V-Band Adapter (installed)

  • 2 bolt external wastegate block off plate

  • All hardware for installation.
To explain what brought me from purchasing this manifold to the point of selling this, below is a list of the events that transpired. I do have a bad tendency to get long winded with the journey my car has taken me on, so I am going to try to bullet point the events:
  • 05/19: State Inspection on my 1984 SVO failed for manifold leak at #1 flange/mating surface.

  • 07/19: Decided to give Gnari a shot with buying something new without having to re-plumb my exhaust for a center mount, with every intention of keeping the stock turbo with the internal wastegate (but to have room to upgrade at a later date).

  • 08/19: Shipped the manifold to Bo to have him port and flow test it 
                (If you follow Bo-Port on FB, this is Gnari manifold was the one he posted the flow numbers on in August of last year)
                While at Bo's, he performed some of "external porting" (AKA smoothing/prepping the rough areas) of the cast iron for the ceramic coating I would be doing

  • 08/19: Manifold was ceramic coated black by a local vendor.

  • 09/19: Was presented with an opportunity to buy a turbo upgrade, that came with an external wastegate, for a very good price. <----this is where I made my life more complicated! 
    • This turbo upgrade would require fabrication for the outlet elbow and dump pipe, which was tricky due to the new turbo's outlet clearance to the firewall. Being that I do not possess any welding skills, this required me to locate a competent pipe fabricator.
  • 10/19 - 02/20: Locating a pipe fabricator delayed to the choice to upgrade to sequential fuel and having to make harness changes. OH yeah.....and winter......
  • 03/20: Fabricator located, car delivered to the fabricator's shop for him to work on it when he had time.
  • 04/20: The seller of the upgraded turbo I purchased in 09/19 wound up listing the header that he used to run the turbo and wastegate on. On top of it being a better flowing design than the cast Gnari (and it being made from schedule 10 stainless), it also moved the turbo forward and up to provide more clearance for the fabricator to do his work. 
  • 07/20: Thanks to COVID, and such life complications that have been experienced, pipe fabrication completed and car is back up and running. It is at this point that I was willing to part with the Gnari. 
Here are photos of the before, during, and after porting:
I paid $290 for the manifold, $300 for the porting and external smoothing, $30 for the Vband Adapter, and $100 for the coating. 

I would like to get $500 (shipped) for everything, but am willing to discuss reasonable offers. As far as delivery of the item, I can also bring to the Carlisle All Ford Nationals in PA next weekend if you would like to pick it up there. 

Thanks for suffering through my lengthy post. I just wanted to be perfectly clear that there is nothing wrong with the item and that it is just a crazy sequence of events that has led me to sell it. 

PM sent.
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PM sent. You can also email me at bigrmotorsports@hotmail.com

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