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Boost Gauge

my autometer is running the reference line to one of the spare vac. tree outlets. the ground is well, grounded and the power goesto te blue/red wire behind the radio. the lights dim, the gauge dims. the gauge reads 12 PSI when the stock gauge reads 12 PSI. but the stock gauge dont go to TWENTY PSI, like the autometer does. [Image: smile.gif] guess what kinda boost i get in 1-2 gear? [Image: biggrin.gif]

use the single pod for a SN-95 mustang if you have a cougar/TC and a 1979-1993 mustang hardtop for an SVO. MAKE SURE that if you buy a 2 1/16" gauge you get a 2 1/16" pod, or 2 5/8" vice-versa...

LA3 computer, 16 pounds of boost and 4.10 gears. this makes a good starting point. soon to come: a 13 second timeslip
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