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**BoPort outstanding orders**

As a Mod here I feel the time has come to address this due to multiple requests made to me.

I want to start a list here of the customers who have outstanding orders with BoPort. I only want to see posts from those people that are of the Turboford family affected and NOBODY else. No bashing,no drama,simply a place to see what is owed to who and to keep track as orders are filled {as Im sure they will be}.If you are not one of these people DO NOT post in this thread.

Simply put,list your name,items or services, how much money you have sent,dates and what you are requesting from Bo. As orders are filled please post in here and we will remove your post until hopefully this is the only post left.

Again,this is just a list not a discussion.
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I will go ahead and start us out
Blake McIntyre
- Sent ported iron head for stg 3 porting June 1, 2012. Sent $750 deposit.
- Sent 40 bob intake manifolds 90 rotated upper. around the same time for stg 3 treatment.
- Paid in full Twin scroll header July, 1 2012.
- Sent ported iron head for stg 3 porting in early 2013(no deposit).
- Paid in full Center mount header early 2013.
- Sent $1500 Money Orders Jan 31, Because he said he needed it to complete work on one head and get stuff to me fast.
-I have not received any of the above. $~4250 invested.
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Angel Padilla

I ordered a a fully ported head with stage 3 cam. It cost me over $2,000. This was on october 7th. At this point i only want my money back. I have no interest or desire in using any boport product. For me, only a refund will do.

Stage 3 head ordered/paid in full in March. I just want my money back along with the core head. I'll pay shipping.
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$2050 paid for custom rods and pistons, June 2013. Order cancelled, December 2013. January 2014 was told would get money refunded.

Still waiting.

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Quote:Originally posted by Deathbypsi:

So thats 4 customers with over $8500 invested so far.

At the very least, you can probably add the following outstanding orders/deposits from the "other" current thread:

TurboTim - Paid deposit for Stage III lower intake = $(undisclosed, assume at least 100 bucks)
Liero - Paid for prepped/new Essy block & crank that Bo was selling for $2500 = $(undisclosed, but probably selling price)
JedNeck (says, "not worried") - Pistons & rods = $1200
4-barrel Mike - (see "above") = $2050

Sooooo.......another $5850? :dunno:

C'ya - RAY
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Ooh ****! :popcorn:

Not looking good, but I still reserve my judgement.
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feb 14 2014 $835.09 for a stage 2.5 cam complete top end kit .. I was just a lurker in the archives here before i sent money and then seen all this......

So far, the "tally" is at a tad over $15K (+ cores and other items he may have been given for porting).....from this site alone.
Quote:Originally posted by DSGcoupe:

Not looking good, but I still reserve my judgement.

I try not to be judgemental, either - but I'm not perfect (by a long shot). Bo has been to my house twice - once with his ex-wife - and I've been dissed by former friends for trying to "defend" him in the past. But, as a result of his more recent behavior and business practices, it's difficult to view him in "good light" anymore. Hopefully, all will end up well! :dunno:

C'ya - RAY
Placerville, California
(former)  '78 2.3T Courier w/blow-thru Autolite 2bbl carb ~ (current)  '87 2.3T Ranger w/PiMP’d EFI
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