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Brake lines

Im a ways from home on assignment so I cant see my car. So someone told me if I swap to a 8.8 the brake lines are on the opposite side as a V-8 mustang. Is this true of the explorer rear end also? In addition the 7.5 axles fit into the 8.8 as long as you keep them left and right.

As far as the 8.8 with 3:73, will the TKX be ok with the 3:27 first gear instead of the the 3:35 or go to 4:10 and the 2:97 first gear? 

Thought guys as the stock 84 trans wont handle any more than a granny shift. Im surprised its lasted this long on my combo to be candid. Well and I know people that have run a decent world class on V-8 combos and I too have run a T5 WC (Center force dual friction always) on my V-8 cars but none of those were this HP level as I ran a 331 (400 rw ish w/150 shot of nitrous) so it didnt see as much action so to speak. I do race it from time to time and plan to do more of it on drag radials or Slicks if I have to. What's simpler? Keep in mind finding a rear end with 3:73 is easier but easier sound easier but isn't always....Easier Keep in mind I will go to a shorter 5th if I have to but the 4:10 solves that fifth gear issue as I don't drive it daily. Its for FUN!

I do want to travel and do airport top speed runs so 5th is important. I just don't want to do it twice as its sooooo expensive that way.

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