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Can EECs go partially bad?

I have a '92 Turbo Notch that ran really well for a while, but now is getting like 14mpg at best on the highway, gets loaded up and surges, and smells incredibly rich. I have changed the FPR, set the TPS, checked the VAM, etc... It has a reman LA3 and I was wondering if something could have gone wrong with it to cause the car to run so rich.
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to answer your question why couldnt it? i had an 84 f150 with the duraspark and ignition module on it. it was taking a poop but i couldnt figure out what it was it would shut off while driving and then i would bump it by pushing the clutch in and out while moving. and it would start. I didnt know what it was till it was dead dead. but it was always the PC
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Ford computers VERY rarely go totally or partly bad. When they do go bad it is usually due to voltage spikes from a bad alt, jumper cables hooked up backwards, etc. I am bett8ng on the problem being elsewhere.

Have you run a complete code test - KOEO, CM, KOER? Did you get any error codes? Is the orange O2 ground wire connection at the turbo inlet clean and tight?
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Have you checked your fuel filter? I had one plug up to the point where it caused a drop in line pressure and it made the car run pig rich. Not sure why, but it did, and it never gave me any codes either.

To answer your first question, I'm not sure about computers going partially bad, but they can be intermittant. My '88TC used to misfire badly if the temperature of the interior of the car got over 90 degrees. If I turned on the A/C, it would run fine when the temperature inside dropped. Changing the computer solved the problem.
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I think they can go partially bad. The octane switch went bad on mine, and I checked just about everything. I checked all the wiring from the switch to the computer and to the BCS. Nothing seemed to work, even though the switch was still switching. I finally said whatever and just bypassed it.
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I had a LA3 to lose the injecter bank. It would run till it got up to 2500 rpms then just bogg. Worryed with one for to weeks till I changed out the computer.
The only one that I know of was mine.
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I had a IAC circiut go bad but the IAC was shorted and caused an open.
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