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Can't find it now, search worked now it won't

Yesterday I was able to search for LM1 tach connection with rpm converter. I wasn't able to finish reading thru results before going out. Now i can't find anything at all, no matter what terms I input.

So the question is this:

Where am I connecting the tach input on the LM1 rpm converter to? Spout, PIP?

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The PIP signal is the better choice. The PIP signal will have two pulses per revolution, that are 5 volts, which are on half the time and off half the time. The EEC-IV uses the PIP signal to determine engine speed.

in 2011 Wessk wrote:

"you can pick up RPM signal by Tee'ing into the PIP at pin 56. Tie this to the tach wire of the RPM convertor."

Will the PIP work for an aftermarket cruise control RPM signal? I was thinking of going straight to the negative of the coil ...
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Didn't the destructions for your cruise control designate where to source the speed/RPM signal? I would've thought it best if sourced from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) or from a pickup coil "reading" magnets adhered to the driveshaft yoke. If you tie it to engine RPM, it's gonna be "fooled" by converter slippage/lockup (if auto) or by gear selection (3rd, 5th, etc.).  <shrug>
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