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Canfield or Stinger 2.3 Liter Ford Bellhousing Adapter Plate

I have also been attempting to contact Canfield Industries about buying the adaptor and have not yet had a response.

I'm curious, you guys are stepping up for the bigger clutch? So any clutch that is available for the 2.3t regularly does not hold enough power/torque?
What other reasons would we want to move up to the 5.0 BH?

AFAIK, those that have switched to the 5.0 bell have all done so because they reached a power threshold that caused frequent clutch failures due to the smaller clutch's inability to hold. Whether or not any of the newer "dual-disc" clutches that DO fit have successfully alleviated the prob.......DUNNO!

If you've reached that power level and are experiencing clutch probs, I suggest consulting with folks like Bob Myers or Matt Culpepper.......both of which have run in the nines with the larger bells and slider clutches. Bob just won a "milestone race" and is being supplied with a McLeod dual-disc(?) clutch as part of the winner's purse. I THINK it's small enough in diameter to fit into a 2.3 bell, but........DUNNO.

If you wanna contact him, you'll probably have better success posting to his recent thread here......"A little 2.3 coverage", OR by posting to one of his threads over on the FB "TurboFord" group.  <shrug>
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