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cheapHP.com adjustable cam gear UPDATE

right now i have money sent for 8 gear orders, with more on the way. The tenative count is 19 orders if everyone buys who said they would. We need one more gear to be spoken up for to get the 20 cam gear order discount of 67.99 instead of the 74.99 discount they are at now.

1 more cam gear guys, tell your friends, your neighbors or your enemies, but we need one more to make the 20 order cut.

**again this is assuming that everyone will buy who said they would, and so far it looks like they will**

The group buy thread is in the group buy forum, look there for payment info,any questions feel free to PM me personally


Interested parties who i have not received money from, please let me know if you do plan on buying:

Paul LeDuc
Duce Apocolypse

I would be willing if I could get a square tooth just to put ya over

But only if you are sure the others will pay!


I will be your deciding factor if you need it

I would buy one if it was an Esslinger. Big Grin
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Unfortunately unless someone is willing to organize the group buy that horse is dead and beaten....

Esslinger was willing to give us a good deal $80 each for an order of 20, but we'd need to have it shipped to one person then drop shipped to everyone else to keep handling costs down on shipping...

As I already have one I have no motivation to carry this further...
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lets keep the group buy stuff in the group buy section please

PM sent, I dont know weather I need a square or round tooth, my cam and current gear came off an 86 turbo coupe.

EDIT: As I understand from the research ive done
its a square tooth.
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charles, yes you would need a square tooth

oh, and a few more ppl have become interested, and yet a few others have had reasons come up where they could not buy one, no biggy, but the total stands at about 17 right now, and ive recieved payment for 11 right now, with a few more payments on the way

How much would it be for a complete set of round tooth gears?
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This GB is only for the cam gear. I'm assuming you are asking for the round tooth conversion, which is not part of this.

Btw, Mr. Ranger, my money was just sent. Send the extra money to Paul please. I had some extra money from a refund that I sent from my paypal account.


I'm just waiting, as soon as the 20th comes in, I will pay the 74, and you can get a round or square tooth rght?

I need the square...

Duce I will send the money tomorrow or sunday, it has to be in by monday right?


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