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cheapHP.com adjustable cam gear UPDATE

JonProphet, got your money

total for paid cam gears is only 13 right now

Duce, thats correct, round or square

Was the order placed? When can we expect our gears?


Order goes out monday when cheapHP is open and Ken is in again.


sent pm,
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Its been asked if the dead line can be extended

Its up to the buyers who have already paid to make that decision, since their money is in and are wanting their gears asap i would assume

If you guys who have paid dont mind we can wait one more week (till this upcoming friday to put the order in), if you guys who have bought dont want to extend the deadline then the order still goes in Monday just the same.

Order still stands at 13 paid for, if the guys who have already paid dont want the deadline extended then the guys who havent paid yet but said they wanted in have till noon monday to paypal or wont be included in the buy...


PM sent. Just let me know what your email is for paypal.
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PMs returned, and im busting my ass to get PMs out to other ppl to find out if they really are buying or not

total paid for is 14 right now

If the other 4 orders get paid for that puts us at 18, and then the few others who only want to buy if we hit 20 orders will...

15 orders paid for

awaiting payment from one member for sure that will put us at 16 today, and one more that im not totally sure on yet.

Only one paying person has PM'd me about extending the deadline, so.... looks like the order will still go out later today.

pay pal sent ! please check to verify you got it, as this was my first paypal transaction.
88tc-5sp K&N, gillis 222,000+ miles stock short block, 86 head and cam from junkyard.

charles, paypal recieved

total orders still 15 paid for, 16th should be at my house today via money order, waiting to see if the 17th and 18th really buy now

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