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cheapHP.com adjustable cam gear UPDATE

Cool! thanks!
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Sorry, but I say we don't extend the deadline. I would like to get my RR Cam in and my Intercooler done before the first hard snow here in Indiana. We've already been snowed on once this year and it looks as if this year its going to be a rough winter.


Jon, I didnt wait, Order sent in for the ones who have paid


Will there still be a price drop per unit bought if the group buy goes to 20 in the next few days? Or is the $74.99 a final per unit price?


I'll let him answer, but I believe the order was placed which means the GB is about to be closed once the gears arrive in the mailbox or doorstep. My apologise if I step on toes.


Guys, the buy will still be going on till the 22nd to cover any last minuters or anyone who decides to finally buy one

After Duce sends me his payment then I'm no longer taking payments, and you will have to do it through Ken

There are a couple payments I'm still going to submit that i originally setup, but from now on if anyone wants a gear its totally up to the buyer to contact cheapHP and notify them in the order form that the buy is from the "turboford discount", and then

Ken has informed me that if the order still goes over 20, then the guys who have already paid me will get their refund sent to me, and then i'll disperse that, which everyone has said to just donate to the board

Any more questions PM me, but from here out its up to the buyer to contact Ken (sales@cheapHP.com)

Thanks for the purchases guys.


What was the final purchase total for the group buy?

Thanks you did a great job Smile

16 was the final total through me

Thanks for your time and effort. Hopefully someday I can do the same for you.
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guys, no problems and your welcome, i needed a gear or two and had no problem with trying to find a deal for others as well, im just glad it all worked out easily and very smoothly

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