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CheapHP.com adjustable cam gears

prices are in

10-20 $74.99
20-30 $67.99
30-up $64.99

gear(s) can be seen here
the picture shows the A and R backwards, newer cam gears have fixed this problem

*** there are 5 or 6 of the "miss marked" round tooth anodized red center gears that can be sold in the group buy for an even lower price of $67.99 themselves regardless (as long as the minimum of 10 orders are achieved)***

the new round tooth gears will have a silver center section, the square tooth gears will still be the anodized red

payment will be handled through me, either paypal or money order

shipping will be set up to be shipped directly to your door, and will be $7 added to the total if you live in the lower 48 states, anyone out of country will have to pay the additional shipping charges. (cheaper than any option esslinger offers by $10)

If you feel the obligation, please include an additional $1 on your order to be donated to turboford.

PM ME for my payment information/ address

for this group buy i will be taking orders untill Friday Oct. 13th. This gives two and a half weeks in advance to source funds, paypal, or money order me. paypal will require a 3% additional charge to cover their damned fees (or an extra $2.25 per gear)

Please PM your gear preference (round tooth, miss labled round tooth, or square tooth), quantity you wish to order, and secure shipping address, this way i can then send you the neccesary information to make payment and I can make a list of all interested buyers.

PM sent...
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How much of the sales will be donated to the board?

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email me boportservice@yahoo.com

I'm donating paypal fees and a bit more when I send him my money order.


Quote:Originally posted by boport:
How much of the sales will be donated to the board?
Didn't you see Bo? "If you feel the obligation...." (like, what idiot would feel the need to do that!?) Rolleyes
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Bo, ive spoke to Paul about donations and have worked everything out already.

And guys please, this thread is for interested parties, I ask you that if your not interested in buying one do not post.

Thank you

Has anyone used this part before, or similar parts from this company? Curious because I just haven't heard of them before.
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I'd be interested in the square tooth one...


pm sent

turboparton, Hal (fknbadfkr) has mentioned that he has used this product, and a few others on here have used it too

Duce, J-den, PMs on the way
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