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CheapHP.com adjustable cam gears

Update on order status:

If everyone who posted in the original thread that wanted a gear buys, then the count is 14 gears.

I and another member may purchase an additional gear each to bring the possible total to 16.

And there are two members from the original thread I contacted that I was confused on which gear they expressed interest in. So if they buy as well that brings the total gear count to 18, two shy of breaking into the $67.99 price.

I think we can make it to the 20 gear mark no problem.

Thanks guys, and as always, if any questions feel free to PM me.

pm sent
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tenative count is up to about 17

Any update, has any been delivered. I'm probably going to send my money on Monday.


None have been ordered, the order will be placed after the 13th, which is the deadline to have the money in, this way if we dont have 20 orders the cost will be what was paid by each party, if we have 20 or more orders then the refund of the difference can be made

so far however, it looks like there is only 17 orders

total orders is up to 18, but if we dont get to 20 a couple of those ppl dont want to order

so we need two more orders to make 20 as long as everyone buys who said they would

I guess if you dont get 20, you can buy a couple and ebay them. but repost this thread in the off topic forum, I bet you get the last 2 customers...

Sent paypal for two.
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Paypal sent for 1 square tooth one along with a dollar for TF.
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Paypal money sent for a square tooth gear. Donate whatever $ is left over from the price break to TF. :thumbup:
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