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Cleaning up stock harness. What am I safe to cut out?

Man o man I hate looking at my rats rest. I have a 89 fox with a 88 TC motor swap with a 89 NA harness which is running on a pimp. 

I don’t have AC, smog/egr, Power Steering. It’s pretty minimal under the hood to be honest. 

I wanted to cut some of the not used connectors and heat shrink the ends/tape them off. Are there any connectors that maybe loop back or anything that will cause issues if they’re cut?

That sounds like a nightmare, Ian! If I were putting that harness on a diet.....I would probably just untape the entire enchilada and visually follow each wire to find out which ones are needed and which ones aren't ~ then delete the unneeded ones and re-tape. <EEK>
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When people do this, I see far more people create issues than those that don't create any issues. Normally the issues are related to the signal return (ground) wires that run to all of the sensors. So the short answer is that you can delete quite a few things but don't expect it to go smoothly.
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I've done a couple. You'll need a factory wiring diagram. It's indispensable for what you're about to do!

You'll probably want to shorten or extend some wires. Like Stinger said, leave the sig return wire alone! Unwrap the harness all the way to the rubber firewall gromment. Clean and inspect each wire. 30 years of heat, wanna be mechanics and road grime will take it's toll. Follow the diagram and properly crimp and/or solder each connection and you should be good to go!
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