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Crower 5.2" Sportsman Rods, Wiseco Flat tops, Total Seal Rings

I have a bunch of other stuff I will post up as well.

First off, a set of Crower Sportsman Rods I bought in 2020 from Esslinger.  A set of forged Wiseco standard bore flat tops and standard bore Total Seal rings I got from Racer Walsh in 2020.

Crower 5.2" Sportsman Rods $650 shipped CONUS.

Wiseco Std Bore flat tops  $400 shipped CONUS.

Total Seal std bore rings $100 shipped CONUS.

package deal for pistons, rods & rings $1,050 shipped CONUS.

Pics to follow

Pic of the rods


Wiseco Piston Pics


Ring Pics...box is unopened.  I can open upon request and post pics.

2.3T 1962 Falcon "HeHateMe"
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Anyone?  Make me an offer...this stuff is literally in my way.

I have other stuff.  

A shortblock filled to the waterpump with Moroso hard block, standard bore.  The bores have less than .003 taper.  I think it's supposed to be an 80k mile engine.
Beanman stainless divided header, but has the wastegate hole welded shut.
Gutted and rotated upper, ported lower.
Pinto alt mount.

I'm sure there's a lot more.
2.3T 1962 Falcon "HeHateMe"
YouTube Schofield Motorsports

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