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Darn gas prices

(03-17-2022, 08:52 PM)Just Add Boost Wrote:  Don't recall that conversation Ray. What was the mod?
I replaced the old VB with a Broader Perf one and switched to a Sonnax "C" billet servo on this freshen up. Will see how she does.

I just forwarded that old PM to you again, Chris.   Shy
Placerville, California
(former)  '78 2.3T Courier w/blow-thru Autolite 2bbl carb ~ (current)  '87 2.3T Ranger w/PiMP’d EFI

You guys are parking the 2.3s because of fuel prices?

And here I am dusting mine off and detuning it for 87 octane because it's leaps and bounds more cost efficient than my other thirsty, high octane (and worse still, diesel!) vehicles. My wallet hurts just looking at some of them.

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