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David Vizard 2.3L Turbo Video

Not sure where to post this, but I figured I would share it.  David Vizard, a pretty smart fella, just uploaded a new video about a 2.3L Turbo head he is working on.  He's using the aluminum Esslinger head, but the video might be useful to some people here.  Pretty cool info about shaping the combustion chamber and porting the head.  He is aiming for 1000HP with it.

Here's the link:

Velly eenterestink!! I wuz wrong once B4, BUT...... it appears that the mods David did were performed on an Essy "D-port" (street) head? If so, it seems illogical (at least to ME) that he/they would be shooting for "1000hp" with a non-race head (i.e., NOT a SVO, ARCA, or Midget head). <shrug> 

BTW ~ It was nice to see Boport recommended in the video.  <thumbup>
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