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dizzy screw

came home on the towtruck  tonight  a screw came out of the rotor and broke the tap on top of the rotor . it is fixed now . so i guess that is one more spare thing to carry with me.

(02-09-2020, 05:59 AM)firewheel56 Wrote:  So I guess that (rotor screw)  is one more spare thing to carry with me.

Nah......that machine screw backing out was just a weird anomaly, Landy ~ It was probably just loose. If you're paranoid about it, however,  a small drop of #242 blue Loctite on the threads will prevent it from reoccurring, yet still allow normal disassembly when needed. [Image: happy0034.gif]
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I will do that RAY. The bad thing is I have a spare dizzy and ax shaft i just forgot to put back in the car, 5 spare dizzy's. and most of the time on long trips i carry a floor jack and jack stands. i have help fix alot cars on the side of the road. i even have a fold up tow bar.

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