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Flow and performance of Log Style Manifold

I did some searching and couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any data/experience on the performance and flow of a log style manifold versus ported E6/Gnari versus tubular, etc.? I will be swapping over to a stage 3 head with Bo 2.1 cam in the spring and I'm thinking of changing my current manifold and turbo setup; currently running a ported gnari manifold with a BB GT35 turbo.

The E6 & Gnari cast manifolds essentially ARE log manifolds, 88TB.  Tubular (long-tube) headers probably flow a little better and might offer slightly more performance ~ BUT.....they're arguably more prone to cracking (especially in DD street use). Bob Myers has gone 9.62 with his stick-shifted Capri, using a center-mount Bob's log (NLA, but virtually the same as Chip's log that's currently available). OTOH, Marty Buth (who holds a few NHRA Stock-Class records) has tried several different tubular headers and likes the old (NLA) ATR version best. Soooo.......YMMV! <shrug>
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How much power are you looking to put down or aiming towards.
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I feel there is a point the log header starts to hurt performance, but it’s also likely out there further than what the cam you mentioned would support.

As Ray mentioned, I’ve been 9.62@140 mph on an old Bob center Mount log header (I’ve been using it since 2010). Car weighed 2805 on calibrated racetrack scales.

I will say, I keep feeling the log is a bit of restriction, but from fall to winter only swapped turbine on my turbo and picked up an effective 2 mph so what do I know. What I know for sure is I shift a lot lower RPM than a lot of guys do (6600 rpm) so something bottlenecks my deal.

Unless you somehow end up flowing a lot more than I think that cam can support, you aren’t going to see much with a different header… at least not enough to justify the added complexity.
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Thank you for the replies everyone; this is great information. 325 to 350 at the tire is the goal. The final configuration would be the stage 3 head, 2.1 cam, gutted/ported upper (currently on car), and ported lower (currently on car). I have the ported gnari and GT35 turbo as mentioned but I'm playing around with different ideas. I do want to eventually road race the car. (Already have a ton of suspension and brake work done).

I think I will probably keep the gnari manifold and go with a slightly smaller T3/T4 turbo. The GT35 is great; I just would prefer something that spools quicker.

Across all applications the performance of tubular manifolds verses a decent log style are fairly well documented and similar.

If you hold boost constant, there is typically a 5-10% benefit to a proper tubular manifold.    If your actual goal is something like " I want optimum power at a given boost level" or "I want the most pump gas power I can make,"  then a tubular manifold "may" be worth the expense and packaging to you.   

If your goals are more related to how fast you can go on a track with a good fuel and a given turbo, then it will not matter measurably on the type of combo you are buidling.
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