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Ford Carlisle 2021

Anyone else going to Carlisle in June?  I'm hoping to drive my SVO up there, but plan to go even if I can't.  I've taken it on 2 small maybe 10 mile trips, working out bugs.  I plan to drive it to my brother's shop, about 25 miles each way, this weekend to put it on a lift and fix a few things.  Hopefully it will be ready to roll after that.
Early 85 SVO
Keedysville, MD

I'm going.
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87 TC

I will be going as well. This will be my fifth (maybe sixth) year straight going with the 88TC. 200 mile drive from Jersey so plenty of time to tune and rip on the new turbo

i might go also. Most likely just to see, leave my car at home.
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I plan on going this year. I`m bringing my ranger if the new motor doesn`t have any issues.  I`ll probly get stuck on the hill by the auto cross track again.

Cool, sounds like there will be several people there from the site.
Early 85 SVO
Keedysville, MD

I'll be there, just not sure of what vehicle. My 87' TC is registered as it was last year but, I didn't make it with it. I had my Parent's 19' Edge ST instead. I'll see how the next couple of weeks play out. The stickers came in today 5-10-21.
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I'll be going again this year, it was a good show, but not so many Merkur's there.
This year should be better based on what I've been seeing on that forum.

My son and  I will be there with our Merkur in the MCA area!
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