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Fried LA3

Have had the 90LX swap running about two weeks. Isolated and corrected several minor issues, mostly vacuum related. Installed a Gillis G2 and have had continuous improvement in drivability.

Knew a long list of codes to analyze would be present so picked up a 25$ ODB 1 scanner. 

Plugged in after reaching operating temp and had no reading. Check the test connector at the corner of the driver side inner fender/driver's side. Shaped similar to a house roof slope. One of the connectors did not match up so I moved it the only place it would fit to match the scanner. 

Still no reading and the engine was running fine. I had not yet accounted for premium fuel pin 24, which by the book is necessary to connect to access code readings. No biggie, used an alligator clip to bond it to the bare main ECU ground bonded to the body. 

Still no reading on the scanner, so I decided to disconnect the 60 pin just to be certain all were placed properly (did the pin changes a couple years prior). 

Pushing the harness back in, felt some resistance. Decided to double check the connection, everything appeared fine.. used some dielectric grease, connected, tightened the screw and then went to start it. 

Cranks, nothing doing.  No sound of fuel  pump priming, checked the 60 pin again. 

Think I committed the "cardinal sin" by removing the ECU while leaving the battery connected (?) Again the car was running fine until disconnecting the LA3. Have not checked spark yet at all. At first I though I may have disturbed the FP inertia switch in the kick panel, but that is ranger only. 90 mustang would be in the back. 

Sorry so long winded. Wanted to describe conditions in as much detail as possible.

 Where should I begin troubleshooting ?
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Frequently the lack of codes is due to lack of grounding to the ECU.

At this point I would take the ECU out, after disconnecting the battery, and take it apart. Then look it over and see if anything looks burned.

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