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Fuel pump noise

usually my tc 87 has the fuel pump making like a "shakey sound" and now recently it sounds like a ball bearing in a rattle can. It sounds every three seconds, est.

is my pump going bad, or is there something that holds the fuel pump that is loose and causing vibrations.

i dont get any noise, when i turn the key, only a buzzing sound and it shuts off. Only when the cars running, and i can only hear it inside the car, or inside the trunk.

and when upgraded to a 255, what are the mods that have to be done to fit in a turbocoupe.
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The pump is telling you it is on deaths doorstep.

A Walbro 255 is nearly drop in. On my 88, all I had to do was cut away a little at the bottom of the rubber sleeve the pump fits into to get the new filter sock to fit, and of course, attach the wires, and the little S shaped hose that connects the pump output to the fitting on the mounting flange.

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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