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Gasket Set, 8993 Head Gasket, Oil Pump, Oil Pump Driveshaft

I have a complete Mahle gasket set with head gasket.  I have 2 FEL-PRO 8993PT1  headgaskets.  I also have a Melling oil pump and a new oil pump drive shaft.

I got them from Rock Auto.  Just opened the Mahle box to show what's in.

MAHLE 953376 $55 shipped.  Free oil plug gasket
FEL-PRO 8993PT1 $13 shipped or $25 for both shipped.
MELLING M86E $65 shipped  free Wix oil filter
MELLING IS86C Free with pump or $10 shipped. 

Bearings not available.
Make an offer for it all.

2.3T 1962 Falcon "HeHateMe"
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