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Good one here..svo timing not advancing electronically. Suspect wiring gremlins.

I’m asking in a few places and I’m not the greatest with electrical so bear with me. 

Have a 1984 SVO with a older pimp. It’s not advancing with it even set to fixed timing. The cars behaving as is the spout is always disconnected. I don’t think it’s the pimps fault. 

It’s stuck at whatever timing was manually set to in this case 10 degrees. 

The last owner kinda hacked up the harness. And where there should be a spout is a disconnect from the tfi plug going to somewhere in the harness under the hood. So it’s not the standard spout I’m used to seeing. 

Anyone have any insight on what wires should have what voltage in the tfi plug and spout?

(04-09-2021, 10:44 AM)ianb Wrote:  ......where there should be a SpOut (shunt) is a disconnect from the tfi plug going to somewhere in the harness under the hood.  
I ASSume that the wannabe "disconnect" is connected,  right?  <shrug>
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Quick update for anyone who has the same issues. 

The spout doesn’t look normal but it is common on older fox body’s apparently. 

You should have roughly battery voltage with key on at the spout. We had less than half in our situation. Turned out to be something wrong with the ecu. Went as far as swapping ecus to confirm it. 

Without the proper voltage going to the spout it will stay at the base timing set manually in this case was 10 degrees.

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