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Have a happy veteran day and be safe out there .and thank all of you for your service . I think the USA would be a better place right  if more people would had gone in  even just 20 years ago .            THANK YOU              MAY 1975 to MAY 1978 US ARMY

(11-10-2023, 04:54 PM)firewheel56 Wrote:  MAY 1975 to MAY 1978 US ARMY

Aug 66 to Aug 68 US Army (US56693077, drafted!) for me, Landy. I was fortunate not to get sent to Vietnam. After "basic training" (Fort Ord) and "AIT" (Fort Leonard Wood, MO, as a combat engineer), my deployment was in Kitzingen, Germany for the remainder of my service. BUT.......I had to attend two 2-week "summer camps" after discharge to complete my military obligation! <sigh>
Placerville, California
(former)  '78 2.3T Courier w/blow-thru Autolite 2bbl carb ~ (current)  '87 2.3T Ranger w/PiMP’d EFI

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