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hmmmm...very weird stuff with my TC!!!!!

hey guys...well check it out. i realized just a few hours ago that my turbo is only going up to 3 psi!!!! yikes!!! but,earlier it was running about 11-12...(i know because i constantly watch it ;-) ),you think my waste gate got disconnected...i disconnected it like a few months back and it did the same thing....it wasnt on good anyway,i guess ill check. well anyway does octane boost help me at all??i put premium gas in my car now, just wondering. and by the way,i wanted to ask if something with my fuel systemm could be making my car not rev up...i mean i had it at idle in my driveway...and everytime i gave it gas...it sputtered and sputtered and FINALLY it would rev up...could that be something with the fuel system???(kinda feels like it.) dang i wrote alot about like 6 topics!!!! sorry guys,just so many questions...so little time!!! thanks,you guys are the greatest.

Unfortunately, this could be many things, but it can only be diagnosed one step at a time. Check std stuff 1st, is eng running hotter than b4? Does it sound quieter than b4? Can u smell anything different under the hood? Does your oil look or smell "normal?" Are u blowing black smoke under boost? You have to cover the basics first.

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