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Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all in our TurboFord family.
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
Happy New Year, I pray next year is better for us all.

(2) 84.5 TurboGT 'verts/84.5 TurboGT hatch/(3) 86 SVOs
86 LX 2.3 (project Ratstang)/04 SVT Focus #1276
77 F-350/40 Ford Sedan/67 Fairlane GT 'vert

Merry Christmas to all and may this be a better year to come!
86 SVO Boport stage 3 head intake 2.1 cam 120 rotated Rods header 3"elbo Pimp/60 lb injectors

Merry Christmas Everyone!
1986 SVO daily driver. PiMP v1.4/3" Stinger exhaust/FMIC/Schlodes Manifolds/Boport 2.1 and head/GM 3700 stall 200-4R auto trans
1963 2.3T Ranchero Project

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