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I have done a 2.3 into a buggy!

IF you do mid, then the bus tranny has to be run up side down as I understand that the ring and pinion can't be switched from side to side like a bug tranny. However the bus tranny is stronger and if you build a strong TC motor, 250HP + you will need to go custom tranny if you are going to thrash it...Start at 3 grand and go up to 5.
Sandrail- 83 TC. T-3, All 87-88 upgrades and lots of extras!!! New graphics on car" I may be old but I can still get it "up"...............the hill!

Solder. heat shrink. Liquid tape.Take your time. Sand can vibrate loose connects. My last rail had a 84tc. had to go to reg gas to keep front end down(rear eng.)My new one is in progress with a 87tc. Longer trailing arms and lower center of gravity. Let me know if I can help u out

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