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Interest in Walboro Fuel pump group buy???

There hase been some discussion as of late about starting up a group buy for Walboro fuel pumps.

This post is to guage interest in a group buy from


A group buy was organized with them about 2 years ago and while not the cheapest (one place could beat their prices by about $2) their service is top notch and the kits fit correctly and work well.

We did discounts on Mustang,and Merkur pumps the last time. We'll probably do the same this time as well.
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The only change I see is the
altitude we are at as we head further into the downward spiral

I need a high pressure 255, so I might be interested. I wasn't planning on buying until Fall 2007, so the price would have to be good for me to pull the trigger right now.

Need one, would be open to group buy, but better be cheapest around after shipping. What about the 69.99 ebay ones? Worthless or worthwhile?
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there having problems with cheap knock-off Walbro's these days. I wouldn't touch a $70 dollar pump.

I am interested in a group purchase.

I am interested but the price would have to be worth it
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i dont know 105 is pretty cheap for a walbro 255hp already but if you can do one up cheaper count me in.

email qoute to b2urbo@smtncop.net

was this talked to paul about?

Troy, he talked to me and I told him to start it here and I would move it to Group Purchase. If eveyone would just check all the forums...
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problem is I don't think it spent enough time in the BS section to get any real interest...

I'm a good boy, I went through the proper channels, but I really think this needs to be in the BS thread and then moved or a new GB thread started.
76 Capri II turbo
The only change I see is the
altitude we are at as we head further into the downward spiral

If I could get a 255 HP kit for my bird, I'd be up for it.
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