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Interest in Walboro Fuel pump group buy???

Paul, is it possible to post a sticky in the other forum's linking to this one? I for one hardly ever read this section. TIA.

BTW, I'm in for a pump. (255Lph High Psi)

I am interested in a 225 pump.
BTW, I only just saw this today in the BS/OT, I might have missed it otherwise, eventhough I check the main page frequently.
I know it takes up Paul's time but, a short term sticky in the OT/BS (two weeks? or until the payment deadline) my be worthwhile since these GB's "should" generate some donation income to the site and require contact with Paul anyhow. Just my .02...
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I would be interested to. If it's in fact a true Walbro and not a knock-off...
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Ok, I stickied the original BS post, please read this one too:


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I'm in for a 255.
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If its high pressure, then I'm in.
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is it going to be the 255 or the HP 255 ? count me in if the price is good

There were a bunch of walbro 255's on ebay last week... for like 80 bucks.

I was a good boy and Santa brought me one... but not from ebay.

I'm in i need a in-line for the pinto..

I just sent an e-mail to APEUSA.

Looking for discounts on HP255 fuel pumps for the Mustang, Turbocoupe and XR4Ti. I think I purchased the external XR pump for my Capri.

I will post a message on the Merkurclub site as I am working on a GB for them as well.

Can you guys refresh my memory what pumps, kits, ect we need discounts on???

I also requested a discount on the multi-point pick parts they sell. It's a must for those of us converting carb cars (pintos, Capris, Ect) to solve fuel starvation issues below 1/4 tank.
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