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Interest in Walboro Fuel pump group buy???


If the company is unresponsive, I'm out.

I bought and succesfully installed a v8 mustang pump. had to use a screen kit. don't recall why I couldn't use the walboro screen but everything else was a direct swap. hope this helps.
88 TC, Garrett T3, Stock IC , Walboro 255 lph. 22+ psi
custom boost controller, Forge bov., Kirban FPR.

I guess this fizzled out?
88 TC: 2.9L tall deck, SVO head, boport header, sheet metal intake, BWS300SXE turbo, AWIC. C4 trans. E85

Well Im out as of right now, even if it hasnt fizzled, the ALt on my Cavilier dies and had to spend the cash I had saved for my pump. :banghead: :bawl:
88tc-5sp K&N, gillis 222,000+ miles stock short block, 86 head and cam from junkyard.

Somebody PM me if this happens I am done checking up on it at this point...
StingerFMICkitw/smallNPR, HE351@23#,Gutted&Knifed,PortedE6,WCT5,ACG,BOV,2003CobraIRS.

need one for my 84 svo but not listed on the page.

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