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JAW - Just Another Wideband

Has anyone here checked out JAW or Just Another Wideband?

Quote:JAW is the lowest priced wideband oxygen sensor reader ever.

Product Features:

* $45 DIY Kit: Without Display
* $70 DIY Kit: With Display
* $60 Assembled: Without Display
* $90 Assembled: With Display
* Uses the inexpensive Bosch LSU Wideband Sensor.
* Accuracy to 0.01 Lambda.
* 2 programmable outputs
* Free Air Calibration
* Real-time datalogging
* User selectable refresh rate of 8-255 [hz] for digital display
* Reads from 0.69 [Lambda] to 2.33 [Lambda]
* Reads from 10.18 [AFR] - 34.28 [AFR]

Looks to be slightly cheaper (~$50?) than an LC-1 even in assembled form and obviously quite a bit cheaper in DIY form.

I have a buddy that has looked into it but not much else. I believe either on a Honda forum or Nissan forum they had a discussion about it.
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Thats pretty cool....the LC1 is very nicely packaged...meaning you can put it under the hood and not worry about it, which is where mine has been for the last year & 15k miles doing narrow band simulate every day. Including being hosed down when cleaning the motor.

I would not forget the cost of extras...like a good box, wiring and other odds and ends that come with the LC1. That may add up besides the time to assemble it.

But the JAW does seems like a really good option. Good find at a good price and thanks for posting.... I might get one for use in the other cars that are not driven daily.

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I actually ordered one a few days ago. I've got my LSU and the mating harness now. I'm just waiting for that little box to come from Canada now. I think all told it'll be about the same as an LC-1, but nobody I know has used the JAW yet and I figured I'd be the Guinea pig. I may end up soldering the wires to the board and putting a connector on the outside of whatever enclosure I use instead of using the screw terminals, though.
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It also datalogs, has two 0-5v inputs and has a tach input. Damn good price for what you get. I plan on getting one here soon to compare and then probably replace my lc-1.
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At this rate, you'll see WB kits in the dollar store soon.
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Quote:Originally posted by DPDISXR4Ti:
At this rate, you'll see WB kits in the dollar store soon.
Thats pretty close to truth...sadly all the ones here suck, but the ones in the states north of me have good stuff.
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from the site:

10.18 [AFR] - 34.28 [AFR]

the innovate reads much lower...
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Do you need it to read lower? After awhile you're just flooding your cylinders Big Grin
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Quote:Originally posted by mfpmax:
Do you need it to read lower? After awhile you're just flooding your cylinders Big Grin
Maybe he's trying to figure out the exact AFR he needs to bend rods?


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