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kinda technical

ok here's the deal my grandfather hit the old bird today with a 86 dodge fullsize 3/4 ton truck with a 360 and a big 4 barrel-it's not pretty i was already gonna replace the quarter panels but now the pass. side is caved in.I have a 87 with a 5 speed can i drop the motor and 5 speed in a pinto without cutting a hole for the shifter and how hard is this to get started? i know a lot of you have turbo pinto's i would like to put the radiator(with dual fans) and everything else in a pinto from the bird-maybe even the suspension?/anyone takin the whole suspension out and put it in a pinto?

I doubt you'll be able to use any of the suspension pieces, but the engine and trans will drop in (you MAY have to relocated the shifter hole and crossmember, and you'll probably have to modify the dr/shaft - not sure). As for the wiring, you could use the harness from the TC, but I've heard it's kinda "excessive" (?) - I've seen a lot of posts claiming that the Merk harnesses are a lot more swap-friendly. As for the rad/fan assy - I don't think so. But, you can put an electric fan on the Pinto radiatior. [Image: smile.gif]

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ok thanks anyone else have an opinion?

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