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Massive oil leak back of motor

(05-24-2022, 08:41 AM)TurboRay Wrote:  .
BUMMER! About the only things left that would leak that much oil from "that region" of the engine are the oil sending unit or the adapter fitting to which your turbo feed line is attached. <shrug>
All of that stuff got replaced, and i replaced the sending unit with a mech gauge.

The best i can tell theres i stream coming from the back driver side corner of the block. No matter what mirror or camera i use i cant see the source.

I would be worried about the RMS, it was submerged in muddy water the last off-road trip i took.
But if it were the RMS shouldn't it be coming from the center of the truck?

I put dye in my oil and it located all my leaks, and there were many....
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(05-26-2022, 02:42 PM)Bob Ross Wrote:  I would be worried about the RMS, it was submerged in muddy water the last off-road trip i took. 
If it wasn't leaking B4, the rear main didn't start leaking due to the lower part of the engine being "submerged" in water.  <shrug>
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Did you check the dipstick tube where it mates to the block? If I'm not mistaken it's just kind of pressed in, with a bracket up by the intake.
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Anyone who guessed head gasket was correct.
When was the last time you saw a ford head gasket?
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[Image: A7-C98-DBA-92-D1-4968-B474-258-D7-FD3547-D.jpg]
[Image: BDC6-CBB4-EF6-F-4994-9162-38-DD70-BDA939.jpg]

Glad you found it, sorry it wasn't a easy find !
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