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I sent you a message about a month ago, I saw that you read it, but didn't reply, I'll take that as a big **** you to me.

Maybe if I ask you publicly, you'll be more inclined to respond to me.


1. Where is that 3 core radiator?
2. Where is the Tranny cooler?
3. You used incorrect lugnuts on the Merk rims, causing the wheel to fall off while I was driving through Mississippi.
4. The 'new' paint chipped like all hell from wind! I tried wahsing the god damn thing and MORE paint comes off.
5. Where's the alternator and AC components?

Now that this is posted for everyone to see, how will you react. I gave you one month to reply, but you couldn't do it.


I hope Mike sets everything straight. I've dealt with him a couple times and I give him a big :thumbup: . Best of luck to you.

I guess some people don't understand what a USED car is?? :dunno: :confused: I'm sure he gave you the five five warrenty. 5 miles or 5 mins, what ever comes first! Big Grin I'm sure mike will make good on the parts he owes you, but as for the lugnuts and paint....you SAW what you were buying....

I know, the truth hurts. But hey, someone has to be the dick Wink Big Grin

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Quote:Originally posted by 87TwinTurbo347:

I know, the truth hurts. But hey, someone has to be the dick
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Let me speak a bit more clearly.

1. When I picked up the car, the paint was not chipped. It just kinda flaked off as we were driving because the vehicle wasn't properly primed. But thats not even that big of a deal.

2. I couldn't tell the lugnuts were the wrong kind, I don't think he did it on purpose, just an accident, that's also not that big of a deal. No ones perfect.

3. However, some key items he said came with the vehicle were not included, yes I should have checked when I was there but I drove 24 hours straight to get there and wasn't thinking clearly, but that doesn't mean it's ok for him not to include some things.

It's okay to be a dick, just make sure you do your dicking at the appropriate times. I indeed saw the car before but just could not tell.


Hold on there big fella...pull it back a notch. I have so many PMs in my box from when I had the massive cache of parts for sale I probably glossed right over it...meaning to respond and simply forgot. I, unfortunately, have a busy life that commands my attention and sometimes I forget stuff...which will happen when you are going through a divorce, have two kids that you watch 3-4 days a week, have two jobs, a serious car addiction, a girlfriend and a weakness for Belvedere Martinis. So give me a chance.

You had my phone number and e-mail, you should have dropped me a line. Then we could have worked this out in 2 minutes.

I will address each point in turn:

1. Paint, damn...I didn't paint it. However, I drove the car wide open in 3rd and at 6 grand and it didn't flake off (about 115). That is messed up...you can ream my exhaust guy for that, he painted it;

2. I used the lugs I had on the wheels and cranked them down...I showed you that those Merk wheels didn't fit very well. Sorry about that one..again, that sucks;

3. Radiator was trashed. Damn thing wasn't even old,I didn't know about that when I offered it to you as part of the deal and then when I pulled it it went in the shed. You would not have wanted it;

4. Tranny cooler was on the rad, I saw it laying in the shed about a month after you came and sent it to Dan when I sold him my AWIC, actually I didn't even think about it...again, some things slip your mind;

5. I have all of the A/C stuff and a ton of alternators in my shed. We went in my shed to get the wheels and both of us forgot that crap....it was right there in the shed. I don't need it and I surely would have given it to you. You can still have it if you want, I will even pay to ship it if you want.

Basically, Mark. We talked the details on the car something like a month and a half before you came down and I flat forgot or simply overlooked putting some of that crap in the car. You also came a couple days after Mardis Gras ended and I can't say I was at my sharpest!! You DID get a huge bag of beads as Lagniappe! Plus, all of the interior, the spare wheels etc. all for something like $750...I don't exactly remember the price.

E-mail me at mblaw@bellsouth.net and we will resolve this to your satisfaction.

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Excellent, I'll have to assume you're being truthful. If the radiator was actually trashed. Why would you advertise the car as having one? The paint isn't a big deal, I'll just touch it up, I was just upset that I got no responses so I figured you knew that everything would go wrong and I'd be stuck in Grenada Mississippi for days and looked forward to knowing how ****ed I was. Only thing I really care about is the whole radiator issue, dunno what you wanna do about that whole thing. My e mail is all fubared right now so we'll have to take this to PM. thanks.


LX, My radiator had pinholes in it when I bought the car/ I didn't know until I started pullin' things out to upgrade (not the rad initially).....Went right to a big ass aluminum for florida temps....Take it easy, George. Cool

Quote:Originally posted by LXrated:
Excellent, I'll have to assume you're being truthful. If the radiator was actually trashed. Why would you advertise the car as having one? -mark
Because it was advertised long, long before it was sold and it was something I did not realize until I pulled it apart.

Tired of single digit LS Turbo cars, came back to TurboFord!

I've only delt with Mike once, but he was quite patient put up with my slowness in sending funds. I got my items as described.

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