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MM Panhard Bar Exhaust Fitment

Quick Question, 

Anyone running a MM Panhard Bar setup with a 3" single Exhaust? Worried I am going to have fitment issues but hoping someone has already addressed this.
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I have the MM pan hard bar in my SVO with 2.5" exhaust.  It is a tight fit with the 2.5" tail pipes, so I think the 3" would be problematic.  Give the guys at MM a call.  I'm sure they have run into this before.  As I recall, you have to use the Dynomax 2.5 or the flowmaster 2.5 tail pipes to clear the bar.

While the 2-ish+ square-inch difference in crossectional area between 2.5 & 3-in pipe is significant (7.07 vs 4.91 ~ rounded), the exhaust-gas stream cools significantly from the turbo exit to the differential......causing a corresponding reduction in volume and tube-size requirement. Soooooo..........reducing pipe diameter to 2.5-inch just ahead of the diff (after the muffler) might not have any negative power impact. BUT.......I wuz wrong once before!  .[Image: confused0024.gif]

As an example of the incremental heat reduction through the exh system, John Sheffler (svojohn) made a 40lb-reduction in his car's weight by replacing all the exhaust tubing behind his stainless downpipe with (gasp) aluminum tubing!  (LINK)..IIRC, that weight reduction also included omitting the muffler. .[Image: happy0034.gif]
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