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My truck is running and getting more mods before the year is over

Hey my ranger is a 1986 longbox 2wd with a 1987 2.3 turbo and intercooler. I ran it with this in it before i got it rebuilt and at the time i had 3:73 open rear end one wheel peel and a 5spd with a burnt out clutch. a 2.5 inch exhaust all the way back downpipe cat and muffler. And a open K&N cone style filter. It ran a very bad 17.2 at 83 mph but i spun the tires all the way till 3rd gear it hooked good on the street but the strip it sucked. Now my truck has the same motor but it's now rebuilt and the head is polished and the upper and lower intakes are massaged a bit and i'm now putting the power throught a C-4 with a shift kit and a 3:45 posi 7.5 inch rear end. Alos i have a intercooler on it as well with a hood scooop.

The next mods are a 2.5 inch dynomax race magnum muffler and i'm upping the boost up to 18 psi and i'm putting a 255 lph fuel pump in and i'm runnig bigger tires and maybe some NOS 50 shot this might turn 13's

I probably don't have to tell 'ya, but Rangers are really hard to hook! For your trips to the drags, I would get the tallest, fattest & stickiest (softest compound) meats you can fit in the wheelwells - along with a good set of ladder/slapper bars and some 90/10 shocks up front. And, put the battery in the right rear of the bed. Finally, don't lower it - you need all the weight transfer you can get. Speaking of weight transfer, did y'all know that the short version of yer truck has more of it? But, 'ya gotta run what 'ya brung! [Image: smile.gif]

C'ya - RAY

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Get a locker in the rear end. Or do what I did and weld it yourself.

Yep trucks are not exactly the thing to race with. A traction lock system would help greatly or just one big huge tire in the aft end and ssssllllliiiide the clutch. You are already putting down enough power to use up your tires, instead of getting more power you need more traction. Maybe ballast back there to get weight over the rear tires. Or try this roll through the waterbox and then put it into reverse and heat 'em up that way. Sometimes it gets the one leg to act like a positive track system.
good luck
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Yeah, I'll agree with the statement of getting some sticky slicks. With today super advanced tires, that'll help more than all the suspension geometry in the world (unless you have 800-100 HP). If you're having problems with axle wrap I saw a neat trick in 4WOR. Get a sold bar with heim joints on the ends. Weld on end to the top of the 3rd memeber above the pinion, and weld them other end to the trans crossmember. Wheel travel is not affected, and you simply cannot have any axle wrap anymore.
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