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need help

Im planning on putting a 2.3Turbo in my 86 Ranger, the junkyard here has a XR4Ti he wants $200 for the motor. what other parts do I need off the car and what do I need to look for when checking the engine. Where do i need to check for cracks at and what other areas do I need to check on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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you need:
the complete engine
all maniflods
fuel rail w/ injectors
turbo with oil and coolent lines
Vam meter
wire harness ( if easy to get)

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That's a great swap, especially if it's already a 4-cyl (you can use yer existing w/harness with some minor mods) and it isn't equipped with a/c (the evap box interferes with the turbo). Plus, that's a great price if it's complete. Chances are, it's gonna have a cracked head, cuz most do. But, get it anyway - the head is easy enough to replace and you can use an early N/A head which are fairly plentiful and inexpensive. As far as the turbo goes, the impeller shaft should not be so loose as to allow the wheels to hit the housing(s). But, again, even if it's bad - you can get a replacement cartridge for as little as $105. In other words, GET IT NOW before somebody else snatches it up! [Image: biggrin.gif] While you're at it, see if you can get the computer, the vane air meter & hose and the BPS (which looks like a MAP sensor without a hose on it). Finally, if your Ranger isn't a 4-cyl, get the wiring harness too. [Image: smile.gif]

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