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Need help with intake manifold sensor locations

Any help would be great. I have a svo with inline manifold and I’m swapping to the square intake so I’m trying to identify what goes where since I don’t have a oil cool egr etc

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WELCOME to TurboFord, Allredred......what's your name?

The position of some sensors isn't THAT critical ARR. I.e., The sensors that sample/monitor coolant temp can be in any hole where coolant passes (block, head, hose adapter, etc.). OTOH, the knock sensor (KS) always goes into a "blind hole" ~ IOW, one that "dead ends" w/o going thru into a coolant or air-charge passage. The ACT (air charge temp) sensor can be located/relocated just about anywhere that incoming air passes by ~ some even mount it before the throttle body (TB) in the charge pipe or even in the "outlet tank" of the intercooler.

The temp sensor that's top/center on the intake is the ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor for the computer  (there's another "single wire" analog ECT sensor at the L/R of the block, underneath the head-mounted oil-pres sender. It operates the dash gauge (or light). The bung/hole that you labeled "water outlet or fan switch?" is for a hose nipple, whose hose leads off to a nipple in the tube (green in diagram below) between the pancake oil cooler & heater core. It causes engine coolant to pass THRU the manifold cavity into which the top-mounted computer ECT is threaded, imparting a more accurate reading to the senor.

Since you're not using the oil cooler OR that small hose, the water in that cavity will be comparatively "stagnant". The sensor will PROBABLY still work, but it might have a slower response w/o "flowing" coolant in the cavity. FYI ~ there are only two locations on the block with threaded holes into the cooling jacket. One is the aforementioned spot at the left rear that's used for the light/gauge sender. The other is on the R/H side and is used to feed coolant to the turbos that have a water-cooled center section (86.5-up). The hole is plugged on engines w/o those kinds of turbos. If yours is being used.....the only other alternative is to use a hose adapter with a threaded bung.  <shrug>

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