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Need help with Microsquirt V3

HI I have a 85 Merkur Xr4ti with a 84 SVO 2.3. I bought this car in parts and finally have it together (mostly).
It is using a microsquirt V3, a 36-1 trigger wheel ignition, MAP sensor, 725cc high impedance injectors. rs500 intercooler and blow of valve.

For the injector harness wiring, which cylinder # injectors belong to bank #1? which to bank 2?  the msv3 wiring diagram shows bank #1= cyl 1 and cyl #3 . Bank #2 is cyl #2 and 4. Is this correct? I have also seen bank 1  1 and 4 and bank #2 using 2 and 3?

On the ignition settings I am using a VW logic wasted spark coil it also has two banks ING1 and ING2. the diagram has it as bank #1 is cyl 1 and 4
and bank #2 is 2 and 3. Is this correct.

Right now I am only getting backfires and pops.
I have checked the cam timing and have spark and injector pulse.
I know I have something that is not correct. i included the tune i am using Thanks for any help

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