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Need new injectors

So I have been working towards getting the XR ready for smog. I took the last year to put in a T5, I know it shouldn't take that long, but I have a bad back and it takes me longer to do things. I think the car was driveable again within 6 months of starting the conversion. Again I just cant put in 16 hrs on the car in a weekend anymore.

Anyhow, after verifying that car still moves under its own power with the new trans, I discovered some serious driveability issues. Diagnostics led me to one of the injectors being NFG.

Where is the best place to get stock flowing injectors from? I would like to just buy a set of 4 brand new, flow matched, and bolt in with the stock fuel rail.

With quick googling, I have found Injector Dynamics but, their injectors sound like overkill for my needs.

86 XR

I always had good luck with these folks...

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I believe I have an original set from my XR. Engine running fine prior to upgrade to CFI injectors.
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