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New guy - new to me toy

I've wanted a 2.3 turbo car since I was a kid and I finally made it happen with an 88 Turbo Coupe earlier this year.  I've got a laundry list of plans for the car but I've got a solid platform to start from.  In the middle of a 5 speed swap which will soon be followed by all new suspension with lowering springs, UMI control arms and yellow Konis, a 5 lug conversion curtesy of a 95 Mustang and a fresh set of 18" wheels.  After that is all done I'm going to turn my attention to the engine and increasing power.  I've got a plan in mind but hoping I can learn from you guys as I start the build.

congrats on the new ride!
Early 85 SVO
Keedysville, MD

Congrats! Just helped a local guy this past weekend with a 5 log swap. We did it the easy way, used a Mark 7 rear end and swapped over Mark 7 rotors.. We didn't wanna go though all that extra mix and matching axel shafts and control arms and such.

Hey everyone z mans here I have a 1994 ranger with an 88 turbocoupe transplant still in process of wiring. Open to any and all advice.
Z mans

WELCOME to TurboFord, Zmans........what's your name? 

I ASSume that you don't have any emissions requirements in Deleware? You're swapping an EEC4-managed 4-plug engine with a distributor, turbo, and VAM into a truck that came with an EEC5-managed N/A 8-plug engine with twin wasted-spark coil packs and a MAF air meter. Soooo........obviously you're gonna have some formidable wiring and engine-management challenges. 

Are you planning to use the EEC4 "turbo" computer from the 88 TC, OR.......??? Unless you're extremely talented with electronics/wiring, I suggest NOT trying to use the wiring from either vehicle (the TC, in particular, has a very complicated and difficult wiring harness with an IRCM [integrated relay control module], compared to your Ranger). 

Instead, you're PROBABLY (?) better off with an aftermarket/standalone computer, like a Mega/Micro-squirt or a PiMP (from Stinger Performance) and a much simpler custom harness (available from Ron Francis or Stinger). BUT.....you're looking at a combined cost of perhaps 800 to 1500 bux for the two, depending upon your choice!  <eek>  My 2¢.......  <shrug>
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Turbo Ray, thanks for the welcome.
The name is Zar therefore Z-man.
I have both harnesses Vam Ecu’s etc. I knew walking into this I was going to get slapped by some issues wiring related. Looked into Ron Francis,Stinger / Drop bear, fish dog speeduino. I think the consensus has been pimpx and a Ron Francis harnesses for the simplicity. Sorry to hijack someone else’s thread and post. I was under the impression I posted my own thread. I do have some wiring schematic schedules to refer to helpful in the least.

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