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New Member from California

Hey all, I just picked up an ‘86 SVO this week and figured I should join up. As turbo Fords go, it’s my first Mustang though I also had a 2020 Edge ST and a 2019 Fiesta ST. So far so good, just getting to know her.


As an fellow '86 SVO owner in CA( near Yosemite) ...WELCOME!
1986 SVO daily driver. PiMP v1.4/3" Stinger exhaust/FMIC/Schlodes Manifolds/Boport 2.1 and head/GM 3700 stall 200-4R auto trans
1963 2.3T Ranchero Project

WELCOME, Ryan!  👍
Placerville, California
(former)  '78 2.3T Courier w/blow-thru Autolite 2bbl carb ~ (current)  '87 2.3T Ranger w/PiMP’d EFI

Thanks all! Off to CA smog today, wish me luck!

Welcome to TF! Keep us posted. Did you pass?
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Howdy from another 86 SVO owner. Got mine a couple years ago. 43k original miles, sat 17 years in a garage. Is yours stock original? The best technical resource you'll find, other than here, is the Stinger Performance FAQ page. Check it out.
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86 SVO mostly stock, so far

Thanks! I’d say mine is a “restored original” - lot of NOS and OEM parts, including fresh Konis. It’s a drivers car, though, and I don’t intend to baby it. Thanks for the Stinger resource - I was considering replacing the stock Cat which is beginning to rattle.

Fortunately for me, I don't have to worry about cats, mine has none and has dual 2 1/2" with the flowmasters. If you've got the original air filter, ditch it also. Your baby needs to breath. Guys from Stinger also comment here. They are great to deal with. I'd ask the guys around here about good high flow cat to use. The factory ones sucked at best.
40 year tech
86 SVO mostly stock, so far

If I was you, I would replace the entire exhaust system from the turbo elbow down to 3". Store the factory exhaust for every 2 years due to smog.  

Use v band clamps to make the install/removal easy.  I too am in CA and pretty much got out of these cars because I got tired of dealing with smog and portable test sites (similar to dui check points).  How that's legal is beyond me...... 

I love the weather, mountains and beaches and that's about it.  I have a ton of spare parts new and used that I still need to sell.  

Welcome to the board.  This place is full of knowledgeable guys that have been doing this for 30 plus years
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