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Newbie here, need some XR4Ti advice.

No, that's great. How is that system working out for you? How did you get a crank trigger setup (or do you...). The Pectel needs a 36-1 crank trigger which is standard on all newer Fords, I don't think the 2.3 has one. That's going to be the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Pectel makes a kick ass kit, but I've gone with EEC-Tuner since all the work has been done for you. And the tuner23 group is the only one I read anymore.

Now if someone would make a speed density system/conversion for the EEc-Tuner nad hte 2.3 then things would fly for it.

I'm liking the MAF idea for now.

So many options huh? Big Grin

You can buy a trigger and wheel from Electromotive. Plus a mount. They don't make one that just bolts right on though. The wheel we used needed to be bored a litle to fit. Allen did mine. I had to leave my car there because I was moving to another state in the middle of putting it all together. Esslinger Engineering has trigger kits that you can just "bolt-on". I have been thinking of getting one of those kits for another car so I can use my TEC on more than one car.

O.K., well I am actually going to try to answer this guy's questions since I am qualified.

My setup made 242 RWHP @ 4600 rpm and 292 RWTQ @ 4300 rpm. I am pretty confident that it would have made the 300 I was shooting for but for the blowoff valve that was opening at around 18 psi. It still allowed me to run 21 psi but was venting an enormous amount of volume. My goal was to run 25 psi and with another 4 psi of boost I should have had another solid 40 HP...plus whatever loss I was getting from the reduction in volume. My chartsa re actually backwards....4600 rpm is basically where my power started...and ended. Too bad, it could have been a very fun day indeed.

My car has a stock head (complete with leaky valve seals)and a worn out stock shortblock with almost 130,000 miles on it.

My setup:

.50 Trim T3/T4 hybrid, .63 A/R hot side;
Crane A237 slider cam (a nturally aspirated cam);
Ported E6 exhaust manifold;
Full 3 inch exhaust with open Supertrapp;
Gutted upper intake, ported lower;
Big VAM, PE Computer and EEC-Tuner;
K&N conical;
42 pound injectors;
Richard Thompson Air to Water intercooler with converted 12 gallon igloo reservoir.

I think that is it. For track events I would probably go with a large air to air intercooler. I love Richard's water unit but I think it is better suited for the daily driver/drag race application.

I think the EEC-Tuner is all you need. Randy Schlitz (RS450, the master of the tuner) made 400 at the wheels with a tuner...think a Mass-Air conversion as well.

These are strong motors and they will handle boost. As long as you have the fuel, it is no problem to run in excess of 20 psi of boost.

Plus, these things are cheap. That is not going to be the case when building a 944T.

On the T-9, I still have mine. It doesn't like being slammed into 2nd gear but other than that it has given me no problems...and the former owner pounded on it. You can go whole hog and get a T-9 box from Quaife with straight cut gears that will easily handle 300HP. You can also get a dogbox T-9...even a sequential.

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I have a few more questions:

What about wheels? What is the stock offset? I have a bunch of wheels that could fit:

15x6 52.5mm offset Focus wheels
15x7 ?? offset Mustang GT wheels
16x7 45mm offset Team Dynamics Motorsport wheels
16x6.5 ??mm offset Contour SVT wheels

They all have the right bolt pattern, I'm just not sure about offsets and strut clearances.

Also, what about tires? I would like to run R-compound tires, but sizes are limited:


I know the 205/50/15 will fit, but I'd REALLY like to use the Team Dynamics wheels. Anybody know if the 205/55/16 or 205/50/16's will fit on the car with 45mm offset?

I think they will, most focus/contour offsets will work. say bye bye to teh GT wheel though. I got a set of gt turbines on back of my 86 and they rub the fenders bigtime. I could roll the lip and all but with the one messed up quarter it will be too much work.

also the T3 turbo on the merks is better for higher boost. so if the car comes with a TC IC that and some ducting to it should be good for 18psi or so and lots more HP. these cars stock are slow but soon as the boost goes up they respond quickly to mods. also a cam will give you more top end which these motors could use. something in the .420-.480 range depending on your taste.

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Team Dynamics makes a wheel for the XR/Sierra. Offsets never exceeed 40mm.

Largest wheel on an XR with coil overs and rolled lips:

17X8 with 33 mm offset. 235/45 ZR17.

16 inch Ford wheels may not clear with larger brakes. I know Cosworth brakes and Contour SVT wheels do not work together.

The man to call is Nigel at Draken. He has all this stuff locked away in the maniacal brain of his. Big Grin

When I forget someting I just call him.

Hmmm... I was planning on getting the BATinc 283mm/Wilwood kit. Any idea if those work with what wheels?

I REALLY don't want to buy new wheels, will any of them work?

turbo coupe 16x7 rims work as do mustang pony rims? with a IC and better exhaust the merk will start to fly.

I got a disease and the only cure is more turboford
'62 fairlane - working on EFI Turbo 250" Aussie swap

My '86 XR made 202.5 RWHP and 243.4 lb/ft in 95+ degree temps with the following mods: OverBoosted 3" exhaust, Volvo intercooler, rotated and gutted upper intake, Gilis valve set @ 20 psi, big VAM. That is it-stock turbo, stock everything with 100K plus on the clock. The 2.3 is unbelieveably strong in stock form but at the cost of high wieght. Total cost of the car in this trim: less than $2200.00. My '88 XR makes considerably more power but I have no numbers or runs to back it up so 'nuff said.
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