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Oil return thread?

I need to know what size the thread on the end of the IHI oil return is. The actual line not the spacer that goes into the block. Thanks

1/2 npt i believe
Nada...trying to turn mud back into DrPhang.

Well I know the one for the block is 1/2" and I just compared the block spacer to the line and they were close but the threads on the line are smaller

i believe the garretts use 1/2 pipe thread. the ihi might be one size smaller, 3/8 pipe thread. just guessing though, as i havent seen one of those. if you have any pipe fittings around, try screwing a few of them into it to see if any fit. failing that, take it to home depot or similar and do the same thing Smile
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I went to the hardware store today and they couldn't figure out what size it is. Does anybody know for sure what size it is?


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