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Oval or D port

I have a 1980 Mustang 2.3 draw through turbo engine that I am building for a hot rod project. The original head is missing and was an early oval port design that was used on Pinto's. I want the best head to replace it with and know that later heads used a D port because the original ports were deamed to be too big. I was thinking that with the turbo that maybe the oval port would be fine to use. There are other options as well being Ranger fuel injected heads some of which have roller cams and D port. The turbo intake manifold is an an oval port design but could be modified to D port. Any data on this is much appreciated.

I`m not sure what intake manifold your planning to use but the turbo heads (svo,xr4ti,thunderbird) are similar intake port design to the carbed n/a heads. I use a turbo head on my ranger with a esslinger intake manifold and it works pretty well. The dual plug heads will only except the dualplug intakes as the ports are round if I remember right.

I'm using the 1980 Mustang turbo intake.

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