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Oxygen Sensors

Ford related question but not 2.3, a little bigger 3.7.  My brother has a 2014 Mustang with 3.7 V6. We put on long tube headers. Some reason the primary oxygen sensors are showing a negative value and throwing a code. I put my code reader on and watched the live data and it shows positive values until you rev the engine then it drops and goes negative. I graphed the data and it looks ok except there are points where it drops below 0. Read a lot on line and most people blame the cheap O2 extensions - cheap as in quality not price! So we added another bung on the #3 and #6 tube ( Borla style) for the sensors so no extension is necessary. yes - not the ideal location. we are both extremely careful not to bump/drop the sensors and can't believe both have gone bad. Trying to avoid buying new ones at  $100 a piece on Rock Auto (Motorcrafts)

when I put in aftermarket wide band for my pimped 2.3, I had to do some initial setup calibration  so it had a baseline oxygen reading. Is there some step to re-calibrate factory wide band sensors? Never read about this but thinking maybe this is something everyone knows except me..

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