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Please Help (Aaah!)

If it was a turbo I'd say that you blew a line off due to boost pressure, and now have a big vac/boost leak, causing it to idle wierd. With an n/a, I have no idea, but it might be a place to start.

On the language, I personally could care less, but try to watch my own language on here out of respect for others. However I am _VERY_ suprised with the mod's for having sh*t blocked and not pussy.

Well its not under it, its connected to the side, but still have to remove the TB to be able to get off the sensor since the upper intake manifold is in the way of getting to one of the screws.

After reading up a bit from other places where people have had the same problem I decided to try and reconnect my mass air sensor. It had been disconnected for over two months with no consequences other than the engine light, and when I reinstalled the air box and reconnected it she ran perfectly. Go figure. After hitting myself on the head for awhile I drove around to enjoy my new exhaust, definitely freed up some horsepower from not having so much resistance, I love the duals :p

Still smelling fuel and getting bad gas mileage, and it seems to me I smell it through my heater when I have that running. (I run it to cool her down, radiator leaks and is half-way useless) Where should I start w/ diagnosing my fuel problem? Check for leaks in the fuel rail, i have all new sparks/plug wires so thats alright, if I had a plugged injector that wouldn't cause me to leak fuel would it? I also have another question, could the stock 2.3 mustang block handle a turbo at just a few pounds of boost? I'm talkin 6lbs or something like that, just a little more oomph in her. This would be my first ever experience with a turbo so forgive me if I have no idea what im talking about :p

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